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For over 40 years, Metro Assemblies Inc. continues to be a leading manufacturer of custom cable and wire assemblies. From low run prototypes to high volume lead wires, Metro strives to make high quality assemblies that meet your spec and timeline.

Metro Assemblies Inc. designs and manufactures assemblies to fit your needs. We are a custom assembly shop. You do not have to adjust your product to work with our assemblies . . . we build assemblies to work with your product. Whether you come to us with a product concept or with detailed specification, our engineers will assist you through every stage of the manufacturing process.

We do all our manufacturing at our facility in Minnesota. Local manufacturing allows for faster turn-a-rounds, timely shipments, fewer logistical obstacles, easy and pleasant communications, and greater customer service.

Metro understands that the assemblies we provide our clients are critical to their bottom line and the quality of their product. Quality is placed at the forefront of our manufacturing process.

Let us help you build your product. Email us at or call (763)789-8623. We look forward to working with you.

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