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  • Battery Charger Adaptors

  • Utility Cables

  • Control Cables

  • Battery Pack Cables

  • Charging Cables

Electrode Lead WIres
ECG Wire Leads
TENS Electrode Wire
  • TENS Electrode Leads

  • ECG/EKG Wire Leads

  • Medical Instrumentation Cable Assemblies



Over the last 40+ years, Metro Assemblies has manufactured custom wire and cable assemblies for a wide variety of industries.

Custom Cable Assembly
Custom Overmolding
Wire Assembly Manufacturer
  • CAT5 Cables

  • CAT6 Cables

  • Track & Trace Wire Assemblies

  • Grounding Cables

  • Ethernet Cables

  • GPS Cables

  • Coax Cables

  • MRI Cables

  • Wire Assemblies for Sleep Study Devices

  • X-Ray Translucent Harness

  • Locating Cables

  • LED Light Assembly

  • Appliance cables

  • Harness Repair Kits

  • DC Power Cables

  • Printer Cables

  • Salinity Probe

  • Speaker Assemblies

  • Music Instrument Power Cables

  • Throttle Cable Assemblies

  • Trailer Power Adaptor

  • Wire Harness for Outdoor Power Equipment

  • Molded Trailer SAE Wire Harnesses

  • Recreation Vehicle Wire Harnesses

  • Control Cables

Speaker Wire Harness
Cable Assembly
Insert Molding
WIre Harness
CAT5 Cable Assembly
DB25 Cable Assembly
Custom Wire Assembly
Guitar Cable
Box Assembly
  • Box Builds

  • Triaxil Cables

  • NTDS D Cable

  • NTDS E Cable

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