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Over the last 40+ years, Metro Assemblies has manufactured custom wire and cable assemblies for a wide variety of industries.

  • Control Cables

  • Battery Pack Cables

  • Charging Cables

  • Battery Charger Adaptors

  • Utility Cables

  • CAT5 Cables

  • CAT6 Cables

  • Track & Trace Wire Assemblies

  • Grounding Cables

  • Ethernet Cables

  • GPS Cables

  • Coax Cables

  • TENS Electrode Leads

  • ECG/EKG Wire Leads

  • Medical Instrumentation Cable Assemblies

  • MRI Cables

  • Wire Assemblies for Sleep Study Devices

  • X-Ray Translucent Harness

  • Locating Cables

  • LED Light Assembly

  • Appliance cables

  • Harness Repair Kits

  • DC Power Cables

  • Printer Cables

  • Salinity Probe

Cable Assembly
Custom Cable Assembly
Insert Molding
Custom Overmolding
WIre Harness
CAT5 Cable Assembly
Electrode Lead WIres
ECG Wire Leads
TENS Electrode Wire
DB25 Cable Assembly
Wire Assembly Manufacturer
Custom Wire Assembly
  • Throttle Cable Assemblies

  • Trailer Power Adaptor

  • Wire Harness for Outdoor Power Equipment

  • Molded Trailer SAE Wire Harnesses

  • Recreation Vehicle Wire Harnesses

  • Control Cables

  • Speaker Assemblies

  • Music Instrument Power Cables

  • Box Builds

  • Triaxil Cables

  • NTDS D Cable

  • NTDS E Cable

Speaker Wire Harness
Guitar Cable
Box Assembly
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